Nicaraguan Turmoil Out of Hands

After 100 days of protests against the current President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega has been repudiated by the country’s citizens. Ortega recently increased income taxes, cut the elderly’s income by reducing their pensions, and reduced the salary of Nicaraguans. These actions generated a wave of unprecedented violence that left an endless number of deaths, regardless of gender, age, or profession. Many have been affected by this civil war in 2018, which has been built upon years of injustice for the Nicaraguan people at hands of Ortega and co-laborers. The country’s turmoil has attracted spotlight from the international public, among them The United States of America and the Organization of American States (OAS), headquartered in Washington, D.C. The OAS has commented on the Ortega regime and their disagreement. They have called for peace and quick, urgent resolution of conflict. There is report of a journalist who wanted to give live notice through Facetime but found death by armed authorities who have been ordered to repress and censor all media communication in Nicaragua. The death of this journalist unleashed the anger of countless colleagues and citizens of all ages who took the streets to protest the social injustice they face. Nicaragua, still in conflict, is unaware of a date that ends this War between Nicaraguan citizens and their government, which refuses to yield freedom of expression and respect for those who once elected them as representatives. Many citizens have migrated to the neighboring country of Costa Rica seeking asylum.


Intern- Alicia C. Sanchez Del Castillo