The President and the Eurosceptic: the continuing of Italy’s political deadlock.


In 2018, the U.S. had two government shut downs over budget and differing views on issues like DACA. Many blamed President Trump for not taking an active role in trying to resolve the conflict resulting in shutdowns that lasted for two days for the first and 9 hours for the last. Talking about U.S government shutdowns can give you the sort of understanding of the recent events in Italy, difference being on a much smaller scale .  Italy has been having its own form of a government shutdown through its political deadlock. Italy has been without a government since March 4, marking 80 days of political deadlock since this article was written on May 27.


To form the Italian government, there needs to be a political party with a majority which Italy currently does not have. Italian PM Giuseppe Conte, reported by BBC, was hoping to change that by sending his list of cabinet choices to the Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella to finally form a coalition government. Mattarella seemed to agree to all except when it came to Conte’s nomination for Minister of Economy. Conte’s candidate was Paolo Savona an 81- year old economist Eurosceptic, opposed to increasing the powers of the European Union comparing them to a “cage” (USNEWS May 27,2018) coming into conflict with President Mattarella pro-euro view.  Mattarella’s distrust for Savona is not without merit since have a Minister of Economy who is Eurosceptic has the chance of weakening public finances and roll back on pension reform. Because of this, Conte has given up bid for government and is now working with coalition partners the Far-Right league and anti-establishment 5-star Movement to pressure Mattarella to endorse him.


Darcy Renfro

World Affairs Council Intern


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